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As my internship is coming to a close, I got the opportunity to conduct a phone interview with Diane Holdsambeck, President of My Lady Dye, Inc.  She is the face behind My Lady Dye. Diane wears all the hats. Artist, calligrapher, graphic designer, and stationer. She handles every aspect of the business from point A to Z. She has taught me so much during my time at My Lady Dye and I am so grateful to have been a part of such a positive, successful team.

I hope that my questions give you even more insight on the brand and face behind My Lady Dye.


1. What is your favorite part of the Creative Process when designing a wedding invitation?

“My favorite part is probably the initial phone consultation because that’s when a bunch of ideas start flowing through my head. The dreaming up of all the details and how the colors will flow together. Creating the artwork is a favorite too! I will never tire of painting or drawing,”

2. How did you start such a successful business?

“I started on Etsy and I started out doing digital wedding monograms. The business kind of just grew from there. I did all types of event invitations and paper goods from favor tags to water bottle labels and everything in between. It didn’t really take off until 3-ish years ago. Around 2016 to 2017 it started to grow because my kids started school which allowed me more time to work and focus on the business. During this time I honed down on our design aesthetic and offerings. Fine art wedding invitations and day-of stationery are our specialties.”

3. How has your style changed over the past few years?

“Our style changed when I realized what direction I wanted the business to go in, what aesthetic I wanted, and what client I wanted. Our dream client are couples that are joyful and love the details. We love to do custom designs full of artwork and intentional design. Designs that reflect the couple.”

4. What is your favorite style of suite to design?

“My favorite style… that’s a hard one. I do a lot of watercolor but I really love hand illustration. I am really good at hand illustration. I can’t really pick a favorite! Also, I love handmade paper as it’s romantic and refined.”

5. How has the Coronavirus affected your business and your family?

“It has definitely affected business. Clients are more hesitant because they are in limbo waiting to see what happens next. Just like everyone else, they are waiting it out which means that their wedding planning has slowed. Family wise, I work at my home studio but now my three children are home 24/7 and so, it is more difficult and more challenging to get work done. My husband is an essential worker and is on the front lines.  He works every day at CVS Pharmacy. He is out there taking care of his customers and our community. It’s worrying but he has to do what he has to do and we both understand that. Thankful that he is working and still able to support us during these difficult and trying times.”

6. Do you create invitations for other special occasions besides weddings?

“We only assist past clients or current clients with non-wedding related stationery. We have done baby shower invitations, birthday invitations, anniversary invitations, and new home portrait paintings for past clients. These offerings are not available upon inquiry because our focus is wedding stationery (invitations and day-of stationery). We love our clients! They will always be part of the family.”

7. How do you find your inspiration for your designs?

“I find inspiration in our couples. Also, in their venue. Venues are indicative of the couple and their wedding style. We listen to what the couple likes and then we dream up and meld ideas together. The initial phone consultation is an important part of our Creative Process. We also have a Questionnaire for all of our clients too.”

8. What is your favorite social media platform to share your work?

“Instagram!! Without a doubt. I would not be able to live without Instagram. I love how it is interactive and direct. It’s not full of junk and advertisements. I love how we can do videos on our stories, message clients, and stay connected with our clients. We get most of our clients through this platform via direct messages from potential clients and Wedding Planners.”

9. How long does the Creative Process take from start to finish?

“For custom projects, typically 2 months. If it involves handmade paper and letterpress it could add 2 to 4 more weeks to the timeline. Two to four months is a great timeline for custom invitations but the more time we have, the better!  Note, we accommodate rush orders too and so we can definitely complete custom orders in a shorter time frame.”

10. Where do you see your business going in the next 5 years?

“I really want big changes. Which is a good thing but it is also a scary thing. I would love to get a studio space outside of the house. Maybe a shared space with other wedding vendors. I would also love to have an assistant and would love to be able to do letterpress and foil printing in-house.”


Written by Lila Brasili

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