Things to do at Home while Social Distancing

While we are all staying home in order to protect ourselves and others during this COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to share some ideas of things to do while social distancing. It is so important to stay busy/proactive and to make this “time off” count. We hope these ideas bring some joy into your home and happiness into your quarantine lifestyle.


  • Bleach/Tie Dye your clothes: Take this opportunity to elevate your old clothes. If you do not have tie dye at home already, it is so easy to use bleach and rubber bands. Scrunch up your clothing in any of these tie dye patterns, pour bleach or colored dye on clothing, wait a couple hours and rinse, then wash clothes like normal. It is such an easy and fun craft!


  • Workout with Obe Fitness: I think that we all agree that it is difficult to find time to go to the gym during our usual busy schedules. Now that we do have time, all the gyms are closed. Obe Fitness is an amazing online alternative. It is only $27 a month and it includes a variety of live/on-demand workout videos such as Dance HIIT, Yoga, Barre, Sculpt, and my favorite Cardio Boxing. The classes are only about 30 minutes long and half of them do not even require equipment!


  • Try New Cooking Recipes: Here is a delicious recipe! It’s Diane’s go-to banana bread and she found it on Pinterest. So yummy!


  • Learn a New Hobby: Talented Artist Jenna Rainey teaches online classes in watercolor, specifically florals.


  • Learn a New Skill: Take free online photography classes with Canon. They offer many tips and tricks! Great for beginners.


  • Go for a walk (or 5): Going for a 20-minute walk per day has many health benefits including improving heart health, lowering risk of diabetes, improving memory, and many more. Improve your health by walking once a day. Make it a fun outing and take your dogs and/or entire family.


  • Create a vision board of your goals for 2020: I created a vision board and included goals for what I wanted to accomplish this year, such as improve cooking skills, improve health, and be more creative, etc. It is a fun craft that only requires a board and magazines. I cut images from my Vogue magazine.


  • Make a face mask for your skin: Allure has 8 recipes for skin-transforming face masks made by food in your home.


  • Work a puzzle, play card games, or video games: My family and I have found our old Wii and all of the games we had when we were younger. It has kept us so entertained reminiscing on all of the good times playing together.


  • Start a new Netflix television series: Find out what all the hype is about Tiger King! Watch something new like The Letter for the King or the new Season 3 of Ozark. My family and I have been watching a few episodes of Ozark every night and we are hooked.


  • Have a Zoom meeting with your friends: Zoom with all of your friends you miss to check in with them. It’s a great way to “see” your friends and stay connected.


  • Grab your kids and call your neighbors for a game of “freeze dance”: Diane’s friends, The Larson Family, found a fun and safe way to hang out with their neighbors. It’s a game called freeze dance and it is social distancing approved! Their video really warms our hearts!  Be sure to click on the first image below to watch the heart warming video!


  • Host a scavenger hunt for your kids: Make a list of common items in your house that are hard to find such as rubber bands, paper clips, hair ties, etc. Print out the lists for your children and give them an hour to find them all.


  • Teach your dog some new tricks: I am in the middle of training a puppy but I found some tricks for adult dogs by Dogtime. Here are a few impressive tricks to teach your fur baby!


Written by Lila Brasili



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