"My love for picturesque landscapes, handsome architecture, florals/plants, and fine art are forms that genuinely inspire me and define my design aesthetic.  From hand-drawn wedding venues to hand-painted florals and botanical line art, creating these artful pieces are so enjoyable and nostalgic.  It simply feels natural and authentic".

established 2009

- Diane Holdsambeck -

Diane Holdsambeck is a talented Stationer & Artist with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture.  She has 15 years of experience designing wedding stationery.  She has extensive knowledge and expertise in digital printing and foil printing. Watercolor is her favorite art medium. She is all about the details, having a keen eye for design, color and pairings.  Her skills acquired as a Landscape Designer has carried over in her work as a Stationer and is prevalent in the custom map cards, venue illustrations, venue paintings, and botanical/floral artwork.  She loves the whimsy of modern calligraphy and loves the chemistry of mixing up beautiful blends of color, whether it's a well of watercolor or a jar of calligraphy ink.

She loves family time with her husband and 3 children (ages 9, 10, and 12).  Cherishes her friends & family.  Enjoys reality TV, sports, and the beach.  Favorite foods are sushi, porterhouse steak, crab, and Vietnamese.  She is a true believer in "everything happens for a reason".

Photo by Hannah Roberts Photography

Stationer & artist

Meet Diane


fun facts:

1 - The business name "My Lady Dye" was inspired by the nickname "Lady Dye".  Diane's high school track coach, Mr. Crawford, would call her by this nickname.

2 - Diane was a student-athlete at Clemson University.  She competed on the Cross Country and Track & Field teams.

3 - Diane's previous profession was a Landscape Designer.  Post-graduation, she worked 5 years at a large interdisciplinary firm designing landscapes, rendering master plans, land planning for large scale residential and commercial projects, and drawing architectural elevations.

4 - We have had the pleasure of having two interns.  Our first Intern was in Spring of 2019 and our second intern was in Spring of 2020. 


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