Romantic Floral Inspiration for 2020 Brides

Here are a few of our favorite Floral Designers: Sinclair & Moore, Janna Brown Design, Evergreen Flower Co, Vintage Florals, Wildflowers, and Jubilee Flowers.  Recently, many amazing bridal bouquets have caught our eye and we picked out our favorites to inspire you for your big day. We chose the following because we love the look of romantic, asymmetrical bouquets. Elegant, simplistic flowers paired with the “wildness”, organic quality of greenery makes for a beautifully unique floral bouquet that you and your guests will not forget! Some of our favorite details are a cascading element and the use of various colors and textures. We’ve noticed every bouquet has interesting form, uses roses and/or peonies, and incorporates some type of greenery. These bouquets are definitely showstoppers and each one is full of unique character. These bouquets we selected are just a taste of what these talented Floral Designers can do and two of them are actually local to Fairhope, Alabama (Wildflowers and Jubilee Flowers). Be sure to check out their websites to view more of their beautiful work! We have linked all of the images for your convenience.

Fun Fact: Steve Moore is not only a talented Floral Designer but also the Creative Director of his co-owned wedding empire, Sinclair & Moore, which is renown for impeccable Wedding Planning & Design!

Written by Lila Brasili

Florals by Vintage Florals

Photo by Erich McVey
Florals by Janna Brown Design

Photo by Megan Harris Photography

Florals by Sinclair & Moore

Photo by Belathee Photography

Florals by Evergreen Flower Co.

Photo by Nina Grey Photography

Floral by Janna Brown Design

Photo by Jeremy Chou

Florals by Vintage  Florals

Photo by Brandon Chesbro Photography

Florals by Evergreen Flower Co.

Photo by Lauren Lee Photography

Florals by Sinclair & Moore

Photos by Maria Lamb

Florals by Wildflowers

Photos by Elizabeth Gelineau

Florals by Jubilee Flowers

Photo by  Jennie Tewell Photography

Florals by Jubilee Flowers

Photo by Lacey McLaughlin Photography

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