Interview with One of the Best Wedding Photographers in Mobile, AL

Hello! My name is Lauren Hartman and this semester I am interning with My Lady Dye. A fun task I was given was to interview some local Fairhope/Mobile area wedding vendors and ask them questions about their profession. I interviewed two wedding planners, a photographer, and a floral designer. This task was very interesting for me because at a young age I was fascinated with weddings. My friends and I even pretended to be wedding planners with our fake phones and binders full of pretend forms! My first interview was with Jennie Tewell, a wedding photographer based in Mobile, Alabama.

Jennie says that, “One of her favorite things in life is capturing the gorgeous love that exists between two people.” “My photography style is very classic, modern, and bright.

My interview begins:

WHAT IS YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY BACKGROUND? I’ve been shooting photography for the last 8 to almost 9 years now. I went to a small Christian school and studied graphic design. I took one photo elective in college and loved it! So, I bought a camera and starting taking pics for friends and family. I did tons of free stuff. I don’t know that I would recommend that to a starting photographer, but it’s my story. About 5 years ago I decided I was going to transition everything- I was going to move to weddings. I focused all my energy towards weddings and that’s when my business took off.

WHERE DO YOU FIND INSPIRATION? During the first few years of my career all my inspiration came from Facebook. It then transitioned to wedding magazines and Pinterest. Now, Instagram is where all my inspiration comes from! On Instagram it’s just easy to build connections and see other peoples’ work. I can see so many amazing photographers on Instagram.

WHAT ARE YOUR WEDDING DAY FEELINGS? Even now after I’ve shot over 100 weddings, I still get butterflies in my stomach! I used to be worried about if my camera was going to work or if I had enough poses memorized, but now it’s just a fear of wanting to provide the couple with the most beautiful pictures ever imaginable. I get nervous at every single wedding, only because I want to be able to provide the best experience for the couple. I want them to be “wowed.”

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MOMENT TO CAPTURE? I have to say it is probably when the groom sees the bride-regardless. I also LOVE the first dance. I think it is so sweet. It is a special moment when the couple is finally married and the stress from wedding day is over. It is a moment when they can finally relax.

WHAT IS YOUR PRE-WEDDING RITUAL? On the day of the wedding, my favorite thing to do is go to McAllister’s! Their peach tea is my pre-wedding day drink- it’s amazing!!

WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT SHOOTING WEDDINGS? Weddings are just what I enjoy the most! I just love capturing love. It’s just so special to be a part of the best day of someone’s lives. I also have so much flexibly shooting weddings. I have my whole week to spend the days with my kids and my husband.


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