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My Lady Dye is a small, full-service stationery business offering a multitude of professional services. We provide custom, handcrafted wedding and event stationery, as well as design services for all types of projects, events, and clientele.  To name a few, we design for wedding, birthday, baby, holiday, Mardi Gras, corporate, bachelorette, engagement, rehearsal, prom, sweet sixteen, religious, and political events.  Our specialty is in Wedding Stationery, specifically, Fine Art Wedding Invitations.  Fine Art is defined as “creative art, especially visual art, whose products are to be appreciated primarily or solely for their imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content”.

Our in-house print method is Digital but we also offer Letterpress and Foil Printing.   We now offer printing on Handmade paper!  Handmade paper is great if you want that high-end, luxurious, organic quality and feel.  For all these specialty print methods and fine art paper options, please contact us for a quote.  All the products on the website are Ready-to-Order, which means they are ready to be personalized in color and text.  They are all considered Semi-Custom because we can switch out any graphic(s) and font type(s), as you wish, for a minimal design fee of course.  If you do not see what you’re looking for on the website, we’d be happy to assist you with your custom design!  This type of project is our favorite!

We love Custom orders (Bespoke orders) because that is where we can really show off our creative skills!  If you have a budget, we can propose a design within your budget.  If you do not have a budget, then the sky is the limit!  We will propose an amazing and stunning design!  You name it, we can do it!  Watercolor, hand illustration, brush lettering, gold edge detailing on your cards, handcrafted details (embellishments, ribbon, etc),… literally any thing!

In regards to birthdays, we also offer Dessert Table Design and Dessert Table Installation!  Installation is for local clients only, of course.  You can rent a dessert table setup from one of our Signature Birthday Collections!  Read more about these rentals HERE.  Follow us on Pinterest to see our new birthday designs/projects!

Below is a list of all our services.  We hope you choose My Lady Dye for all your stationery needs!

1- P r i n t i n g : Digital, Letterpress, Die Cut/Custom Cut, and Foil printing. Please note, all pricing on the website is for Digital printing. For all other print methods, please Request A Quote.

2- B e s p o k e   D e s i g n   S e r v i c e s : Designed from “scratch” per all your requests!

3- C o l o r   M a t c h i n g : We can match the ink to any color you want. Client must mail an actual color sample, fabric swatch, paint swatch, or provide a Pantone or CMYK color code.

4- A d d r e s s i n g : Digital Calligraphy, Hand Lettering, Brush Lettering, and Wrap-Around Address Labels.



5- E n v e l o p e   L i n e r s : Liners are a great way to add color, texture, artistry, and/or personalization. We offer Custom liners or non-custom liners.



6- P a p e r   T r e a t m e n t s : Hand Torn Edges, Edge Painting, Watercolor, Tea Staining, Burnt Edges, and Duplexing.



7- F i n e   A r t  P a p e r   O p t i o n s : Handmade paper/envelopes (featured below), vellum paper/envelopes, and other fine papers/envelopes.



8- C u s t o m   A r t w o r k : Graphic Design, Watercolor, Hand Illustration, and Venue Illustration.

9- M o n o g r a m   D e s i g n :  Monograms are very popular and timeless.  It’s a Southern tradition and a great way to brand your wedding day!

10- W a x   S e a l   D e s i g n :  Have us design a custom wax seal for your personalized stationery!  Wax seals can be used for many things!

11- F u l f i l l m e n t   S e r v i c e s : Let us handle EVERY aspect of your stationery.  Relax and be worry free!

12- V a r i a b l e   D a t a   P r i n t i n g : Guest name and assigned table number printed on to each individual escort card.

13- M a p   C a r d   D e s i g n : Available in line-work (hand illustration) or watercolor painting (example below). Map cards are functional, artistic, and beautiful.MLD-HRP-EMMC2Photo by Hannah Roberts Photography


14- C o l l e c t i o n   D e s i g n : We love designing a full Collection which means all the stationery items are cohesive in theme, style, color, fonts, etc.  Typically, we design 8 items in a single Collection:    Save The Date, Wedding Invitation, Program, Menu, Place Card, Escort Card, Thank You Note Cardn and Table Number.  Featured is our Julianna Collection.



15- R u s h   S e r v i c e : A faster turnaround time (if desired), for an additional cost.

16- H a n d c r a f t i n g : All stationery is individually printed and handcrafted in-house. We take great pride in printing, handcrafting, and assembling every thing!