Floral Wedding Invitations

If you’re having a Spring or Summer wedding, then you may want to consider looking at floral wedding invitations. There are many options out there but there’s just something extra special about floral wedding invitations done in watercolor. Maybe it’s the way the paint dries on the toothed paper, or the way the colors bleed together, or the artistic quality it exudes, or the fact that it’s totally custom. These are just a few things that make a watercolor invitation unique and one-of-a-kind!


Oh, and did I mention how beautiful they are! Just see for yourself…! This is our Azalea Wedding Invitation and it came to life from some watercolor I did of some red Azaleas from my front yard. I literally sat at my dining table and starred at some handpicked azaleas and started painting! By the way, I do all my painting at my dining table! It’s my favorite spot in the house because there is a large window that lets in tons of natural light and the rustic wooden table makes me feel like I’m in a studio space.


Well, back to the beauty of floral wedding invitations! This invitation suite also features a hand painted monogram crest and brush lettering. It has fun elements and traditional elements! Why not have the best of both worlds, right?! And doing a full color floral envelope liner is SUPER FUN! It’s colorful, fresh, beautiful, and ties the suite together nicely.


The monogram crest with brush lettering played a role on every piece of this suite. It’s on the invitation card, rsvp card, and used on the addressing on both envelopes. Monograms are great to use throughout your wedding stationery, both ceremony and reception. This type of branding simply beautifies and can also be used post-wedding. For example, on your thank you note cards. I love designing with monograms! A few of my favorites are the Allexus Collection , the Wreath Monogram Allexus Collection , and the Melissa Collection.


Speaking of beautifying…Don’t forget how important your envelopes are. They ARE the FIRST thing your guests see when they receive your wedding invitation. So, be sure to have them addressed accordingly. Whether it’s hand lettered, or done by a professional Calligrapher, or done via Digital Calligraphy (as shown on this suite). Digital Calligraphy is a great option because it allows the use of matching font types, color, and graphics. See how the crest and azaleas on the envelopes add to the overall beauty of the invitation suite. It also gives your guests a “hint” at the beauty which lies inside! Have fun choosing your perfect floral wedding invitation! If you’d like a custom watercolor invitation designed for you, please contact me. I’d love to create a one-of-a-kind invitation for you!

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