Elegant Halloween Wedding Invitation

Are you an eccentric Bride who wants to get married on Halloween and is in search of an elegant Halloween Wedding Invitation?! Well then, you are in the right place! Our Halloween themed wedding invitation is fun, festive, and elegant! It features festive masquerade masks, fun font types, and an elegant color palette of gold, black, and ivory. When I think of Halloween, I think of the colors black, white, and orange. And so, the featured color palette of gold, black, and ivory seems the perfect twist to these traditional holiday colors! The “shimmer” from the antique gold metallic finish cardstock (used for the cardstock layering) adds to the overall elegance of the suite. And if you’re a girl who loves shimmer, then I highly recommend ordering the invitation suite in full metallic! This means every detail is in “Metallic Finish” including the “printed cover”, cardstock layering, and envelopes.

When ordering your Halloween Wedding Invitations, do not forget about all the other important details such as Envelope Liners and Addressing! All these elements complete the look and tie the entire suite together. Your invitation suite should be cohesive and matching! Antique gold metallic envelopes with black matte envelope liners and addressing in black ink (via Digital Calligraphy), best fits this Halloween Wedding Invitation.

Also, another thing to keep in mind when placing your wedding invitation order…you may need additional enclosure cards such as a Reception Card or Information Card. The Reception Card is important if your ceremony and reception are being held at different locations/venues. The Information Card is important if you plan on having unique pre-wedding or post-wedding events such as a Welcome Dinner (pre-wedding) or a Farewell Brunch (post-wedding). If you plan on having many events, then you may want an Itinerary Card. This card would list the days, times, events, and event details. If this is the case, simply order the “Information Card” on our website. We will know exactly what you want based on the text you type in the “Text & Wording” box (located at the bottom of the product pager/order form). How fun would it be to have your favorite Halloween traditions, such as pumpkin picking and hayrides, incorporated in your pre-wedding festivities! You could plan a day for your guests to go pumpkin picking at a local farm and have a pumpkin carving contest…then conclude the event with fresh baked pumpkin pie for a refreshing dessert!

Lately, I have been noticing that many engaged couples are choosing Halloween as their wedding day! Maybe it’s the cooler fall weather, or the colorful fall leaves, or the yummy seasonal foods such as pumpkin pie, or simply the love for Halloween! Whatever the reason may be, getting married on Halloween is very trendy these days!

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