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Most commonly seen, Gatsby weddings are done in black and gold but wait until you see this stunning navy and gold Gatsby wedding!  Katherine (Kat) and Barjes live in New York and they executed this navy and gold Gatsby wedding theme to a “T”!   Every detail they picked was cohesive and sophisticated.   The navy blue and gold color palette is simply sophisticated!   These colors looked awesome on their stationery!  They went with our Jacqueline Collection for their wedding invitations and their suite included invitation, rsvp,  information card, and gold envelopes with addressing in our Digital Calligraphy.  They swanked up their invitations by choosing to do everything in metallic finish, as the shimmer really glams up the look and feel.  Their ultra swanky venue, Swan Club, was the perfect space for their navy and gold Gatsby wedding.  So many great captures and detail shots by Michelle Jonne Photography.   My personal favorites from their photo gallery are the formals taken in the outdoor courtyards with all the green, perfectly manicured shrubs.  And I must say, having your fur baby participate in your wedding ceremony is priceless!  It’s also a lot of fun because you get to accessorize!  Stay tuned for our next blog post where we will feature a “Questions & Answers” section to continue this real wedding story.  There you will find out where Katherine and Barjes found their fur baby’s cute neck collar accessory and answers to many questions we had for the couple!  After seeing all their wedding photos, you may want to have a navy and gold Gatsby wedding!

Also, I love hearing what couples have to say about their wedding day, so here is a “snip-it” from Katherine and Barjes: Where to begin on this.  After a honeymoon phase shortly after our engagement we couldn’t agree on what to do for the wedding.  I wanted a destination, Barjes wanted local.  After lots of back and forth and realizing there wasn’t going to be a budge on the destination, I jumped on the New York wedding bandwagon and we started to search for a wedding planner shortly after.  Planning this wedding was time consuming, sometimes exhausting, at times challenging with family, but we met some amazing people along the way and it was also an incredible experience for us.  Barjes’ 105 year old grandmother traveled from Ecuador to our wedding.  We had lots of family and friends travel from all over the United States to come spend this day with us and we learned a lot more about ourselves and each other along the way.  We wouldn’t trade this in for anything, not even the beach!


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Back in April of 2017, I had the opportunity to collaborate with a talented group of creatives and we put together a styled shoot full of Spring wedding inspiration.  And with our beautiful wedding “story”, we have a beautiful venue!  There is so much to love about Bella Sera Gardens.   Beauty, romance, rustic architectural details, and not to mention that it’s brand spanking new!  There are beautiful gardens/grounds, handsome architecture, a formal courtyard, fountains, large wooden swings, fire, an entrance tower with antique gates, and Italian crystal chandeliers!  Spring wedding inspiration is everywhere!  If you’re looking for a unique wedding venue, I highly recommend Bella Sera Gardens (which is located in Loxley, Alabama).  It’s also the perfect place for a styled shoot…!

On almost every styled shoot I participate in, I aim to design a full stationery collection.  My collections have 8 pieces including save the date, wedding invitation, program, menu, place card, escort card, table number, and thank you note card.   For this shoot, I designed the Ella Collection which features watercolor, florals, a monogram crest, and silk ribbon.   Custom envelope liners are a personal favorite.  It is a detail I love designing and one that I highly recommend if you want that extra personal touch for your invitation suite.

Megan with Southern Grace Photography captured the story, producing a multitude of amazing photos.  As you can see, she is all about the details!  I especially love how she styled and captured the stationery!  Below are just a few of my favorite photos from the shoot.  I hope they give you inspiration and ideas for your upcoming wedding!

T h e   D r e a m   T e a m: Photography: Southern Grace Photography Invitations: My Lady Dye Rentals: Gulf Coast Events and Rentals Styling & Decor: Jubilee Events and Design Venue: Bella Sera Gardens Floral: A Flower Box Cake: Laura Lee’s Sweets Macaroons: Orange Beach Concierge Hair & Makeup: Jillian Jensen Holt – JMUAH Dress: Shop Gossamer Models: Heath & Erin B.

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Excited to finally get to share these amazing photos from our styled shoot we did back in May of 2017!  I had the opportunity to design timeless wedding stationery for the Timeless Bride.  These shoots are super important to me as a creative because they allow me to experiment with different mediums, design freely, and push myself to the next level.  Not to mention, the experience gained from meeting and collaborating with all the other talented creatives…priceless!  With that said, I’d like to introduce you to The Augustine Collection.  A timeless wedding stationery collection for the timeless bride.

This was a very unique styled shoot which was thoughtfully headed/curated by Dress Designer Lacie Phillips, owner of Wisteria Way Designs.   She designed and made 3 unique wedding dresses for the shoot!  Each creative brought their “A” game to the styled shoot and I was very excited to be the Stationer!   We were presented with an inspirational board and the beginning fabrications of the “1st dress”, which was the white 1920s style dress.  The beautiful redhead, Katy, was the perfect model for that dress!  Along with that, I was given only a specified color palette of green and gold.  From that, I put my design skills to work and created a timeless wedding stationery collection that featured hand lettering, hand illustration, hand-torn paper, custom gold wax seal, and envelope liner.  This styled shoot is currently featured in the Gulf Coast Bride Magazine, Fall 2017 issue!

T h e   D r e a m   T e a m: Dress Designer: Wisteria Way Designs Photography: Caitlen Babb Photography Stylist: The Southern Atelier Co-stylist: Leslie Bradley Floral: Jubilee Events & Design Stationery: My Lady Dye Hairstylist: Makeup and Hair By Chaney Makeup: Ashley West Mixology: Mobile Mixology Cake: Shannon Munday Hair Jewelry: Bliss Bridal Alcohol: Cathead Vodka Models: Katy Harrington, Sarah Levey & Lacie Phillips

Wisteria Way Design says:  “The idea behind this creative venture formed when I saw the flower crown trend. I was talking with a friend and venting about how I was so ready to see flower crowns go and she said, “oh, I love boho.” I thought, I love boho too, but that is a style, flower crowns are a trend. That one thought brought about a week-long thought train on the difference between trends and styles. Timeless and trendy, could you have both? Yes, I think you can, if you find the timeless elements inside of the trends. Which at their core, we call style. What’s more important is finding the style that fits you? Often times people adopt a trend that may not match their lifestyle at all, but for the sake of being on trend, they go with.

As a wedding gown designer, I think the sweetest weddings are the weddings that encompass who the bride and groom are, because that core style rarely changes. That way in ten years, the bride does not look back and cringe over the giant shoulder pads in her wedding dress or the obnoxious amount of burlap and babies breath in the wedding décor. Instead, ideally, a bride should be able to look back on her wedding pictures in ten years and say, “look at us, what a great day that was.”

So, my next question was, “how do I make that more than just an idea? How can I show that this concept is possible?” The idea hit me! I could take gown inspiration from three different eras and design one wedding that would fit all three gowns, complete with paper suite and custom drinks tailored to each era. I chose the 1850s, 1920s, and 2010s as my inspiration periods. I created a gown that is close to period correct for the 1850s but has some modern touches thrown in. I created a 1920s inspired wedding gown from re-purposed materials. The only new materials used in the dress are the zipper and thread. A major part of my designs are reclaimed elements that help reduce fashion waste. My modern day design is a gorgeous candle light silk dupioni gown with a tulle overlay and train. This dress is also about 80% recycled elements. After I had the dress designs, then came the hard part, assembling a team.

I knew that I wanted to use local small businesses owned by other creative-minded women. Because more than just this shoot, I really wanted to start a movement. A movement for people to live timeless, not trendy. To be proud of what makes up who they are and to carry that through to their wedding. What better way to start a strong, female empowered movement than strong empowered females?

As this was my first shoot, I needed a stylist and photo-shoot director that would guide me and keep me on track. In steps Sarah Levey, stylist and owner of The Southern Atelier in Fairhope, Alabama. We clicked immediately and she really bought into my vision. She brought in with her Leslie Bradley, an interior designer, as a co-stylist focusing on set design. Then came Caitlen Babb, photographer and owner of Caitlen Babb Photography. She brought her sweet, but concise structure to the project. Her eye for capturing the details led to the beautiful pictures we produced. After that came floral and props provided by Jubilee Events and Design, owned by Maranda Sigler-Godwin. She has the eye for flowers and expertly provided the small touches we needed to tie everything together. 

I believe I gave Diane Holdsambeck, owner of My Lady Dye, the biggest challenge in creating a paper suite that would compliment all three time periods. She certainly delivered with her elegant hand lettered, hand torn paper suite. She went above and beyond with custom gold wax seals and vintage postage stamps. Her attention to detail really shines through in her work. After that came Shannon Munday, an extremely talented baker. She created a beautiful three tiered naked cake that tasted just as amazing as it looked. Usually cakes either look good or taste good, but rarely do you find a cake that does both. This cake though, was the best cake I have ever had. I was amazed. Lauren Elizabeth, owner of Mobile Mixology, created seven amazing drinks for the shoot. The drinks were beautiful, coordinated with the overall theme and color scheme, and were the extra touch to put any event over the top. She tailored the drink menu to each era.

For 1850s beverages: 1. Le Fizz – it’s a pecan vodka drink that’s clear and fizzy (sparkly). 2. English Garden – gin drink with herbs and citrus

For 1920s beverages: 1. Jaded Lady – absinthe drink 2. Sidecar – bourbon drink 3. Manhattan – bourbon drink

For 2010s beverages: 1. Green machine – gin drink 2. Coolers – honeysuckle vodka base with floral ice cubes and garnishes

Vodka provided by Cathead Vodka, a Mississippi based Vodka company. They provided a bottle of their honeysuckle vodka as well as their pecan vodka, true southern taste. Bliss Bridal boutique, owned by Katie Ward and located in Fairhope, Alabama supplied us with beautiful hair jewelry while the rest of the jewelry worn was from private collections. Finding hair and makeup took some time but at last Sarah found the perfect women to round out our team. Chaney Smith worked her magic with hair, while Ashley West used her airbrush makeup skills to transform our models. Our models were Katy Harrington, Sarah Levey, and myself. It was magical watching these women work. I felt so honored to be able to bring such incredible talent together to create what is hopefully the start of a movement. They showed up and were masters of their respective art.

We set out to show how one can take any time period and make the look timeless. Each look is easily recognized for its era but could also be worn today. Taking the trends of the past and extracting the timeless style, carrying it through with each look. The goal of the shoot was to show that it is possible to be timeless and trendy, one just has to be true to one’s own style. Because trends come and go, but style lasts forever.”

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If you’re having a Spring or Summer wedding, then you may want to consider looking at floral wedding invitations. There are many options out there but there’s just something extra special about floral wedding invitations done in watercolor. Maybe it’s the way the paint dries on the toothed paper, or the way the colors bleed together, or the artistic quality it exudes, or the fact that it’s totally custom. These are just a few things that make a watercolor invitation unique and one-of-a-kind!

Oh, and did I mention how beautiful they are! Just see for yourself…! This is our Azalea Wedding Invitation and it came to life from some watercolor I did of some red Azaleas from my front yard. I literally sat at my dining table and starred at some handpicked azaleas and started painting! By the way, I do all my painting at my dining table! It’s my favorite spot in the house because there is a large window that lets in tons of natural light and the rustic wooden table makes me feel like I’m in a studio space.

Well, back to the beauty of floral wedding invitations! This invitation suite also features a hand painted monogram crest and brush lettering. It has fun elements and traditional elements! Why not have the best of both worlds, right?! And doing a full color floral envelope liner is SUPER FUN! It’s colorful, fresh, beautiful, and ties the suite together nicely.

The monogram crest with brush lettering played a role on every piece of this suite. It’s on the invitation card, rsvp card, and used on the addressing on both envelopes. Monograms are great to use throughout your wedding stationery, both ceremony and reception. This type of branding simply beautifies and can also be used post-wedding. For example, on your thank you note cards. I love designing with monograms! A few of my favorites are the Allexus Collection , the Wreath Monogram Allexus Collection , and the Melissa Collection.

Speaking of beautifying…Don’t forget how important your envelopes are. They ARE the FIRST thing your guests see when they receive your wedding invitation. So, be sure to have them addressed accordingly. Whether it’s hand lettered, or done by a professional Calligrapher, or done via Digital Calligraphy (as shown on this suite). Digital Calligraphy is a great option because it allows the use of matching font types, color, and graphics. See how the crest and azaleas on the envelopes add to the overall beauty of the invitation suite. It also gives your guests a “hint” at the beauty which lies inside! Have fun choosing your perfect floral wedding invitation! If you’d like a custom watercolor invitation designed for you, please contact me. I’d love to create a one-of-a-kind invitation for you!

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Are you looking for a stationery store in Fairhope, Alabama? Currently, there is not a local stationery store in Fairhope, Alabama. However, one day, I’d like to open one up…but for now, I’m online and at your fingertips! I’m Diane and I have a small stationery business called My Lady Dye, which I established in 2009.   I specialize in Wedding & Event Stationery.

Most of our projects are Wedding Invitation Suites but we do it all!  Save The Dates, programs, menus, table numbers, place cards, escort cards, seating charts, thank you note cards, petal cones, stickers, favor tags, signage, and more!  We also offer a multitude of services including Custom Design (Bespoke), Addressing, Map Card Design, Monogram Design, Watercolor, Hand Illustration, Custom Wax Seals, Custom Envelope Liners, Fulfillment Services, and Paper Treatments.

Since I do not have a storefront, I thought best to have a professionally designed website. Much thanks to my web guy and his team at Creativetopia! This way, you can quickly browse all my designs and see all the pricing. This makes ordering super easy! However, if you prefer to meet in person to talk about your stationery details and colors, no problem! Please call me to schedule an appointment. I’d love to meet you, chat about your stationery needs, as well as show you some samples! Just let me know which design(s) you’re interested in, and I’ll be sure to bring those specific samples! We can meet at a local coffee shop. Fairhope has some really great coffee shops such as Page and Palette, Fabled Brew, Coffee Loft, and Warehouse Bakery & Donuts!

Please keep in mind, I design for wedding and all events. So, I can answer your questions about anything and everything from wedding stationery, baby shower, birthday, Mardi Gras, holiday, Christmas, Announcements, social stationery, to dessert tables and decor! No order is too big or too small! I’m here to help you!

Here are a few of my favorite wedding projects and one of my favorite birthday projects! Remember, I mentioned I could help you with dessert tables and decor? Everything in this Ice Cream Parlor themed dessert table was designed and handcrafted by moi.

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mld-styled190My 5 year wedding anniversary is coming up in a few days and so I thought I'd finally share my turquoise and yellow wedding invitation suite...better late than never, right! We picked our colors and some cool font types and then it all kinda come together from there! I knewRead more

Are you a newly engaged couple looking for Wedding Invitations in Fairhope, Alabama!? Then search no further! My Lady Dye is at your service! We are located in Fairhope and service local clients, as well as National and International clients! We are an online stationery shop which means you can view all our products and place your order via our website at We currently do not have a storefront but we are available to meet with clients, upon request. Obviously, we are unable to meet in person if you reside in New York or France…but we are just a phone call away! If you’d like to see actual samples, please contact us to setup a meeting! We’d be happy to show you our work, quality of paper, ink options, envelope colors, craftsmanship, and passion! We have MANY envelope colors and we can color match for ink colors! So, if you want your Wedding Invitations to match the color of your bridesmaid dresses…we got you covered!

Also, we participate in local bridal shows such as Wedding of a Lifetime Bridal Show & Giveaway. Be sure to follow us on Facebook as we announce our upcoming events!

We specialize in all aspects of Wedding Stationery, from your Pre-Wedding “paper goods” (like your Engagement Party Invitation & Bachelorette Party Invitation) to your Wedding Day “paper goods” (like your Menu Cards & Programs) to your Post-Wedding “paper goods” (like your Thank You Note Cards). We especially love working on Wedding Invitations! Most of our work falls in this category and we are all about the details! We do it all from Custom Envelope Liners, Addressing Services, enclosure cards, wax seals, vintage stamps, customized stamps, hand lettering, edge painting, custom water color, custom monograms, and handcrafted details like embellishments, ribbon, etc.

Are you and your fiance looking for Wedding Invitations in Fairhope, Alabama but have no idea what you are looking for!? Well, we got you covered! We can definitely guide you and brainstorm ideas! Pick a Wedding Invitation that reflects your style and personality. From there, all your other stationery items should match. And if your a couple whom loves everything to match, then you’ll love our Wedding Collections! Every stationery detail for your big day will match in design, style, font and color! One of my favorite Collections is the Allexus Collection. However, if you want totally unique stationery, then try our Bespoke Design Services! “Bespoke Design” is a custom design…original and unique to YOUR personal style and YOUR event details. If you’re a “Pinner”, feel free to share your Pinterest board with us. This way we can visually see what you like! P.S. We LOVE Bespoke projects!

All our stationery is done in Digital Print but we offer many other types of printing methods as well, including Letterpress, Foil Printing, and Die-Cut. For these types of custom print projects, just Request A Quote. We hope you enjoy our work and choose us for all your wedding stationery needs, especially if you’re looking for Wedding Invitations in Fairhope, Alabama! We’d love to meet you!

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There are so many unique details in this whimsical destination wedding invitation suite! The pastel color palette, the font types, the custom envelope liner with the “heart” monogram, the German invitation wording (alongside the English translation), the custom wrap-around address label, and the graphics…the whimsical airplane graphic with the dotted line and the whimsical scroll graphics!

This design is still one of my all time favorites! It was actually my very first custom wedding invitation project! Click, to read that post. Our Miriam Wedding Invitation is perfect for any travel themed wedding! The entire Miriam Collection is fun and feminine, especially the Thank You Note Cards and the Wedding Program fans! Color is very important in this invitation, as it definitely adds to the fun factor! I have done this suite in many color palettes, but these pastel colors are to die for! The pastel orange, green and yellow with accents in light brown gives the suite an “airy” feel…light and playful!

This whimsical destination wedding invitation features unique wrap-around address labels which are very popular and a staple item in our stationery shop. Our address labels are perfect for adding that extra “WOW” factor to your invitation suite! It also features a super cute envelope liner that was custom designed for the sweet couple. The couple wanted to show a map of the USA and Europe for their destination wedding in Germany. I made it unique by adding their monogram and making it super cute with the air plane and dotted line!

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Are you an eccentric Bride who wants to get married on Halloween and is in search of an elegant Halloween Wedding Invitation?! Well then, you are in the right place! Our Halloween themed wedding invitation is fun, festive, and elegant! It features festive masquerade masks, fun font types, and an elegant color palette of gold, black, and ivory. When I think of Halloween, I think of the colors black, white, and orange. And so, the featured color palette of gold, black, and ivory seems the perfect twist to these traditional holiday colors! The “shimmer” from the antique gold metallic finish cardstock (used for the cardstock layering) adds to the overall elegance of the suite. And if you’re a girl who loves shimmer, then I highly recommend ordering the invitation suite in full metallic! This means every detail is in “Metallic Finish” including the “printed cover”, cardstock layering, and envelopes.

When ordering your Halloween Wedding Invitations, do not forget about all the other important details such as Envelope Liners and Addressing! All these elements complete the look and tie the entire suite together. Your invitation suite should be cohesive and matching! Antique gold metallic envelopes with black matte envelope liners and addressing in black ink (via Digital Calligraphy), best fits this Halloween Wedding Invitation.

Also, another thing to keep in mind when placing your wedding invitation order…you may need additional enclosure cards such as a Reception Card or Information Card. The Reception Card is important if your ceremony and reception are being held at different locations/venues. The Information Card is important if you plan on having unique pre-wedding or post-wedding events such as a Welcome Dinner (pre-wedding) or a Farewell Brunch (post-wedding). If you plan on having many events, then you may want an Itinerary Card. This card would list the days, times, events, and event details. If this is the case, simply order the “Information Card” on our website. We will know exactly what you want based on the text you type in the “Text & Wording” box (located at the bottom of the product pager/order form). How fun would it be to have your favorite Halloween traditions, such as pumpkin picking and hayrides, incorporated in your pre-wedding festivities! You could plan a day for your guests to go pumpkin picking at a local farm and have a pumpkin carving contest…then conclude the event with fresh baked pumpkin pie for a refreshing dessert!

Lately, I have been noticing that many engaged couples are choosing Halloween as their wedding day! Maybe it’s the cooler fall weather, or the colorful fall leaves, or the yummy seasonal foods such as pumpkin pie, or simply the love for Halloween! Whatever the reason may be, getting married on Halloween is very trendy these days!

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Hand drawn and hand lettered wedding invitations are so whimsical, delicate, and unique! Recently, I have been swooning over our Fern Wedding Invitation, as it features hand drawn ferns and crested monogram, as well as some hand lettering! The envelope features Addressing in Hand Lettering, which really ties together the entire suite. And do not forget your postage! Have fun with it! The use of botanical stamps on this Fern Wedding Invitation suite is very fitting and adds some pretty accent colors to the envelope. Every detail matters! Your wedding invitation is the first stationery item your guests receive and so, first impressions are everything!

Add Customized Envelope Liners to add more botanical details to your wedding invitation suite!

The light grey, green, blush pink, and gold leaf color palette is soft, classic, and elegant. This color scheme is very popular and one of my personal favorites. If you’re having an outdoor wedding or a summer or spring wedding, a botanical themed invitation would be a great option for you. If your wedding venue is a botanical garden or has gardens on its grounds or is wooded, then this Fern Wedding Invitation may be just what you’re looking for! Or maybe your favorite botanical is a fern!

It was so much fun designing this wedding invitation! I loved doing all the hand drawn elements and look forward to adding more unique designs like this to the website! If you’d like My Lady Dye to design and hand draw your custom wedding invitations, please request a quote! We’d love to work with you!

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