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Meet Diane, The Owner


In regards to profession, I am a Designer, Entrepreneur, and Business Owner. I have been exposed to many forms of Art throughout my life, starting from childhood, through college, and now into my adulthood. I find ease in many avenues of The Design World. So, transitioning from a Landscape Designer to a Stationer came natural to me.

After graduating from Clemson University with a BLA (Bachelors in Landscape Architecture), I accepted my first job offer and moved to Franklin, Tennessee. I worked as a professional Landscape Designer for a large multi-disciplinary firm for 5 years. I loved my job, as I was allowed creative freedom in all of my projects and design work. I was also the head Illustrator. My portfolio consists of many hand and digital renderings. However, when the economy fell in 2009, fate led me to make my own waves and I took the role of Entrepreneur and pursued a business of my own. Inspired and encouraged by one of my best friends, I opened an on-line shop where I sold custom handcrafted stationery.  I named my new business, My Lady Dye.  It was officially established in August of 2009. The business has been a great experience and an unforgettable journey, especially with the support of my loving husband who has been by my side for the entire ride. He is always helping me come up with new ideas and helping me think through business options and decision making. With our excitement and my design passion, I look forward to seeing the business grow, as I am passionate about this life long “design project”.

Fun Fact – The business name, My Lady Dye, was inspired by the nickname my high school track coach (Mr. Crawford) would call me by, which was “Lady Dye”.